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Mary Elizabeth Leach Raines
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For our mental and emotional health, experts say that we should look at fixed habits of ours and consider altering them. They recommend, for instance, that we should do things like take a different route to work, or, if we've always parted our hair on the left side, part it instead on the right side. You know, stuff like that. This is supposed to result in greater joy.

In a quest for such an increase in happiness, I have made an enormous change, although it occurred by accident. Here's what happened. The other day I absently changed to a new roll of toilet paper, and then realized to my horror that I'd unthinkingly mounted it hanging in the wrong direction. Guess what? I LEFT IT LIKE THAT!

My (former) OCD need to have the toilet paper installed so that the paper hung ONLY one way, and no other, was so stubborn (in the past, mind you) that in the bathroom of my classroom, when I would tidy up after my students went home, if I discovered to my irritation that during the day someone had mounted a new roll of t.p. incorrectly, I would be overcome by a furious compulsion to take it off the spool and change its direction.

I am pleased to report that my experiment in mental health continues--it's been two days now! I confess that I grit and gnash my teeth whenever I use the bathroom. It's not easy. Everything looks and feels wrong. It takes a superhuman effort to resist grabbing the toilet paper and turning it the other way around. You know, the RIGHT way. In short, it hurts. All gain that's worthwhile, however, comes with some pain, doesn't it? My hope is that this new discipline of mine will pay off by doing good things to my psyche, and that as a result, 2021 will be a glorious year.

Happy New Year to you, too, everyone!
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  1. So cute,so funny and so inspirational!

  2. You've succeeded in making me terribly anxious. You need to go back and reverse the toilet paper roll so I can relax!


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