Mary Elizabeth Leach Raines

Mary Elizabeth Leach Raines
The Laughing Cherub

Sunday, January 8, 2017


by Mary Elizabeth Leach (Raines)

Her playing was ecstatic. Can a soul have orgasms? His did when he heard her music. He wanted to plunge himself into that ineffable rapture, to merge with it.

So he married her.

Every morning, upon awakening, even before coffee, she would single-mindedly grab her violin and begin her day-long practice. Morning sex was out of the question; in fact, so was any sex. Her violin case stayed in the bedroom with them. That instrument was her life, her sole focus. Him? He was as inconsequential as her toothbrush.

He'd thought he was marrying beauty. Instead, he married an obsession.

Story and illustration copyrighted 2017, M. E. Leach, All rights reserved

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